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Climbing Ropes: Track and Trolley

Our durable Gymnasium Climbing ropes and flying rings have been used and trusted by school boards for over 40 years.

Climbing Rope Features:

Swivel eye safety hook (4,200 LBS cap. Loudrated)
Steel galvanized thimble heavy duty
Rope spliced to thimble
The best 4 Stand Hemp rope with center core. (1 ¼ “ )
Bottom of rope back spliced to prevent fraying.

Flying Ring Features:

Swivel eye safety hook (2,000 LBS load rated )
teel cables galvanized
All load rated hardware
Hard wood laminated rings.

Track & Trolley Features:

Available with 4-6 or 8 ropes on heavy duty 3” I beam.
One piece solid track all welded structure.
All load rated roller assemblies and ropes.
Comes with pull back rope and wall clete.
Saves space in Gymnasium
Climbing ropes conveniently pull to wall for storage when not in use.

Other Features:

Track and Trolley with 4,6 or 8 climbing ropes on 3" (76 2mm) or 2 1/2" enclosed track-channel
Shown with 20 ft (60906 mm) beam and 6 ropes at 30" (762 mm) spacing
All load rated roller assemblies and ropes

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