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Choose our volleyball & badminton equipment and give your team a real advantage: the unique 'Sandy B' system. We choose designs for optimum playing performance. Posts and nets are built under tension for the best ball rebound possible. All equipment is solidly built to last. Now, add our experience, we've been making gymnasium equipment for over 40 years, and it's clear you've made a winning decision!

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Volleyball End Post. Model FS. 21


All welded post with built-in bracing.
Height adjusts easily No tools required. Official heights shown on post.
Winches on all posts for tightening top and bottom of net.
Winch handle, tightening rope and snap hook permanentlv attached to winch.
Transport wheels for easy moving.
Gear case cover on winch protects fingers.
Posts constructed for three sizes of floor sockets.


Constructed from hollow structural steel tube, enamelled blue.
Electroplated winch.
Load rated snap hook spliced to 5/16" nylon tightening rope.
Printed vinyl height marker.

Judge's Stand. Model JS

Referee platform with 2 built-in steps.
Bolted to end posts for easy removal & installation.

Post Padding. Model PP for F.S. 21 End Posts.
Model PPD for F.S. 21 double centre posts.


Protects against injury up to 6ft.
Two piece pad easily attaches with velcro.
Winch with hinged flap for quick adjustment.
3/8" polyethylene foam encased with 14 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl.

Volleyball Net Model 2O-N


Manufactured and sewn under tension for maximum rebound play.
Steel cables top and bottom
Net never requires .length adjustment
Steel Tubing in ends.
Quick connect hardware for easy set-up.


Tarred nylon net body.
3/4" welded steel tubing in ends.
3/16" galvanized aircraft cable top and bottom.
All sides strengthened with double sewn nylon reinforced vinyl.
Load rated, plated steel hardware permanently attached to net ends with tested clamps.

Double Centre Post Models F.S. 21D

Same quality features and specifications as end posts. Equipped with dual winches, ropes and snap hooks. A lifetime of good service.

Provided that they are ordered according to specifications and installed in plumb-set and properly cleaned floor sockets, our volleyball posts and nets will NEVER need adjustment during the course of their lifetime.


Volleyball Centre Posts. Model C-22

For badminton and long play continuous volleyball nets only.


Floor Sockets

See our Floor Sockets Section


Net Reel Model 21 N


Stores volleyball and badminton nets.
Accommodates different net sizes on one reel.
Prevents net damage.
Transports easily on 4 non-marking swivel casters.

Viking Alexander Volleyball Equipment is Used by:

Canadian Volleyball Association
B.C. Volleyball Association
Schools and Universities in Canada and United States
Used in: Canada Winter Games, Canada Summer Games, Artic Winter Games, BC Winter Games.

Specification when ordering:

End Posts, Single and Double. Model F.S. 21. Indicate diameter of post base. 1 7/8" 2", 2 3/8".

Floor Sockets. Diameter should be 1/16" more than end post size.

Volleyball Net. Model 20N, Indicate distance from centre to centre of floor sockets.

Item Model Weight in Lbs.
End Post FS 21 55
Double Centre Post FS 21D 60
Volleyball Net 20N 14
Post Padding PP 6
Double Post Padding PPD 7
Judge's Stand JS 11
Floor Sockets 21F
Net Reel N31 50
Long Play Volleyball Net LPN 1/ft
Volleyball Centre Post C-22 25
Badminton Post FS21B 22
Badminton Net 20B 2
Badminton Net c/w cable 20C 3
Badminton Net c/w cable 20HD 4
Net Antennas pr. NA 2
DL 900 Winch    
Rope & Snap    


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