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Our complete line up of basketball equipment has set standards across Canada for over 40 years. We engineer, install & sell basketball backstops, accessories, goals & nets. Engineered for performance, strength, durability and safety. Take a look at our wide product selection.

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Basketball Backstop Model No. 100 Ceiling Backwardfold

The model 100 backwardfold ceiling mounted basketball backstop is our most compact unit in ceiling mounted backstops. This unit folds parallel under the support beams. The breaker hinge assembly gives a positive prevention from unwanted backswing. 2"sq. tube x .125 is used throughout all frame work stabilized with gussets to prevent any distortions. Frontframe is crossbraced, or gussets will be used depending on size of frame. The hinge brackets are secured fold over beam and capscrew with locknut, no clamps are used within the framework, (all welded construction) to avoid unecessary movements through vibrations. Like all our upfold units, a manual winch with crankhandle is standard. At any time, our upfold units can be converted into motorized backtop with our electric winch No. E50, which is easy to install by using the pre bored holes. 3ft. ctr. layout is standard for interchangeability, each different board has its own adapter frame. All boards are fully interchangeable. Min. Ext. from wall to front of board requires mainbeam height minus goal height.

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Backstop Model #110 Ceiling ForwardFold

Incorporates some of the same features as the model 100 BackwardFold. This backstop weighs less and folds forward.

All framework on our basketball backstop units is solid welded, no clamps used within framework for positive sturdy structure. 3/4" hingebolts with locknuts used for hingepins and sleeves welded inside tubes to prevent wearout. All framework is set at 36' CTR's to accommodate for future changes with other quality features like electric winch or varies backboard, adjust-a-goal etc. All framework is made of square tubing for better stability and troublefree operation.

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Wallmounted Sidefold Backstop Model No. 140-T & 140 Straight Frame Model

This sidefold unit has been designed for strength, stability and long life and is as good as maintenance free. The rigid sideframes made of sq. tube x .125 wall and all framework is completely welded on four sides at every joint. Distortion is completely eliminated for this, no clamps have been used - to avoid unexpected movement within the framework, 3/4" hingebolts at every turning point. Attached selflocking extension tubes to hold open unit in proper position.

Mounting plates (hinge & plate) build in during construction, otherwise specified mounting hardware will be used for units over 7 ft. extension, we recommend safety cables (supplied or installed), like all of our basketball backtops the frontframes, and boards are standard and interchangeable to any type of board required, colors, frames- light blue / boards-white / goal-orange / stringers-clear-laquer / all plated bolts / fast dry enamel paints (2coats).

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Wallmount Rigid Backtop Model No. 130

This model is designed for practice purposes at a stationary position and ready to use at any time. Recommended extension for this unit 1220 (4ft.) max. (for any longer extensions we recommend our model 140 sideswing backtop, this unit is available for rectangular and fan shaped backboards also with adjust a goal which allows a goal heights from 2240 to 3050 (8ft. to 10ft.) for practice.

For finished walls we will supply one set of fir plywood stringers 1 1/2' x 6' x 5 ft. (or longer if requested) with a finish clear laquer coating, this mounting methodis suitable for blockwalls, concrete and studded walls, for buildings under construction where steel studs are used there is solid wood blocking in between stud requested or tubular structure for welding lugplates to HSS. This can be altered accordingly. Standard factory color is two coats medium blue enamel, fastdry. Please contact us for details.

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Model N0. 150 Outdoor Basketball Backstop (with aluminum backboard)


Lifetime warranty aluminum backboard
Permanent Mould Casting
Twelve board mounting holes are reinforced with cast in threaded steel inserts which allow to be mounted on many types of post systems
Extra heavy reinforcing ribs
Goal mounting holes accommodate many different hole patterns
4" (100mm) galvanized gooseneck post with mounting plate
Furnished with our BG 2 HD GALV
Outdoor goal makes this unit one of the most durable outdoor backstops
Optional backboard bracings are available on request
Surface treated satin finish

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