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Our complete line up of basketball equipment has set standards across Canada for over 40 years. We engineer, install & sell basketball backstops, accessories, goals & nets. Engineered for performance, strength, durability and safety. Take a look at our wide product selection.

Basketball Equipment


Padding for Backboards

Peel & Stick Padding
Pro Mold Padding

Basketball Goal/Nets

Heavy Duty Front Mount Goal/Net
Heavy Duty Rear Mount Goal/Net
Nylon Net
Heavy Duty Galvanized Outdoor Hoop
Chain Net

Basketball Accessories

Electric Winch
Manual Winch
Auto-Loc Safety System
Adjustable goal for any board type (Adjust hoop from 10 foot height to 8 foot height)

Basketball Backboards

Glass Backboard
Steel Rectangular
Steel Fan Backboard
Laminated Backboard
Wood Rectangular Backboard

Electric Winch Data


Single phase instant reverse 1/3 HP 1625 RPM motor therm.
Protected with 30 min. delay overload (reset) 115V 4.4 - 4.7 AMPS - Belt Driven - 50 to 1 speedreducer
Direct connection to drumshaft - build in limit switches for both directions
Unit supplied with momentary keyswitch to accommodate 2in. by 4in. wall box and safety guard (optional)

Basketball Electric/Manual Winch Data Product Information #6 <<

Manual Winch Data (40 to 1 Ratio)


This Winch is a complete assembly on a easy to use mounting frame.
It has a 40 to 1 ratio wormgear and is engineered to last.
The crankloop is detachable for replacement it comes with a build in cable clamp for 3/16' steel cable
This unit is to be operated with a crank hand winder.
Basketball Equipment




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